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Allysandra is here!!!

Sorry I haven't been on lately but I had a rough go of it with my pregnancy. Starting in December I started spotting with a cervical polyp, and my sonograms were good, but I kept failing the fetal stress test. I thought it might have been due to my HBP medicine. I had been on bedrest since then, with super-imposed pre ecclampsia. I was flaring really bad, and the prednisone step down was doing okay but I could still feel the flare increasing. I was swollen every where except my legs and my BP was stroke level so they put me in the hospital in latre January until Feb 7th, then I was care flighted to Ft. Worth , where they had a better neonatal unit, They induced me me for less than three hours then did a c-section. I delivered at 33 weeks, she was given betamethasone(steroid) before she was bron on Feb 2nd, so here lungs were small but working well. She weighed 3 lbsw 14 oz and was 16 inches long. She is now 4.7 lbs and 17 1/4 inches. Much of the last two months is a blur to me, but we are both home. I see my rheumy today, I had 3 megadoses of hydrocotisone, I think right after I delivered, It helped a lot. I could move and was coherent, I don't know if I would be without. I have a rash on my faces numbness here and there, and every scar i have ever had is hurting, and im itching severely but. my baby is thriving and I feel very blessed. Just very tired. Im sure I left out lots as usual, but I will always reply to any questions. Hope to post sooner!

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