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Re: Lupus and successful pregnancy?

I have Antiphospholipid Antibody Disorder and I'm almost certain I have Lupus(my rheumie is leaning toward it but not "ready" to officially diagnosis it). I had severe pre-ecclampsia with my first daughter(didn't know about my auto-immune issues at the time), who's almost 11. I had spotted throughout my pregnancy with her and at 31 weeks, developed pre-ecclampsia. My protein levels were so high, the doctors and nurses couldn't believe I didn't go into convulsions. It became very dangerous because my placenta started to deteriorate. She was born via emergency c-section at 32 weeks , weighing 3 lb 5 1/2 oz. She spent 32 days in the NICU. Thank God, she is just fine in every way. In fact she's 5 ft tall at 10 yrs old and a bright student. With my second daughter, I had excellent medical care and was seen quite frequently because of my history. It was because of the excellent care I received that it was discovered at 37 weeks I had low amniotic fluid levels( wasn't leaking, my body absorbed it and wasn't manufacturing more). My daughter was born at 37 weeks, perfectly healthy. It was because of the care i got that all went well. It could have been devestating had I not had the extra testing and visits etc.
It is scary and I am so sorry to hear of your heartbreaks. My prayers are with you. I just want to let you know that through faith, prayers, and excellent care, it is possible to have children. I didn't realize until last year that my problems with my pregnancies were auto-immune related. Had I known, I'd be petrified too!! Have faith. Best of luck.