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Re: Lupus and successful pregnancy?

Wow, this thread really spoke volumes to me. I guess I didn't realize the major connection that lupus had to what happened to my pregnancies.
I have had 5 miscarriages, but finally found out I also have a blood clotting disorder that was also contributing to them, so I was put on a blood thinner. I got pregnant in 2005 and had my daughter in February last year. I had a pretty darn good pregnancy for the first 2 trimesters, but had a placental abruption at 28 weeks. I had awesome doctors. I was in the hospital from weeks 28-34, and Ihad my daughter at 34 weeks exactly, she broke my water herself with a major kick

My little girl has done great since the day she was born. She weighed 3lbs 15 1/2 oz. She was in the NICU for 3 weeks to gain more weight and learn to eat on her own. She is doing awesome now. She's now 1, and weighs 16.9 lbs and is crawling all over the place.

It was a long haul being in the hospital for nearly 6 weeks, it was really hard and emotionally draining not knowing from one day to the next whether or not you were going to remain pregnant another day, but it was worth it.

My husband and I have since gotten pregnant 2 months ago, but my doctors and my husband and I knew that my life would be in too much danger to go through it again, so I actually went through another miscarriage. We have decided to not have anymore children, which is a tough decision, but one that is necessary. I had alot of problems with pre-eclamsia during my pregnancy with my daughter, and ended up having an eclamptic seizure 3 days post-partum. And I lost a ton of blood having her. I actually had her vaginally. So, it's best that we don't.
But I understand the desire to have children, I really do. I would go through it again if we were waiting to have our first.

I wish you the best of luck!