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Originally posted by kyleheckenberg:
Can anyone give me some info on work for the disabled or schooling? How much financial help is out there for people with disabilities for going to school. I have to be inside or where it's warm due to one of my health problems. It's called Raynauds. It effects all my extremities like hands, feet, ears ect. I also have chronic pancreatitis which keeps me in pain alot of days and I'm on alot of pain meds. I've been disabled for almost 3 years now and hope someday I'll be well again to try and get back on my feet again. I'm open for any suggestions. I use to farm and work agriculture. I operated machinery from a bull dozer to a small tractor. I don't have much of an education. I didn't finish high school. I made a pretty good living in agriculture, around 40.000 a year now down to a meer 12.000 a year and I'm divorced with 4 wonderful children who I love and care for very very much. They are what kept me alive thru all of this. 4 years ago I was normal as anyone then all of the sudden BAM! my health started to fail me. The doctors say it could have been the chemicals that I handled all those years but they can't put a finger on which ones. Lucky me huh. Those chemical companies make enough money atleast I could have got a good settlement and live somewhat comfortable. All I have is SS. But don't get me wrong I'm very thankful for that. I've worked very hard all my life. This is the honest truth, I've worked many a day at 18 hours a day. Now I'm reduced to a pile of rubble. I could'nt wip my way out of a wet paper bag now. I could use any advice right now. I am thankful I have food and a warm dry place to sleep. Please, Anyone feel free to reply.
I was just cruising the boards, and ran into this one. As a former aggie myself, though I didn't get a degree, I know that the Extension Service could probably find you some help. They are a much under-utilized government service. Also, consider introducing yourself to the local school, they may appreciate a speaker -- I speak before groups about Parkinson's and can't believe how often I'm called. Sometime I make $20/hour, and talk for an hour, sometimes I do it for free, if folks cna't pay. Even elementary shcool, where you'd be indoors,would probalby love to have you as a speaker. I find that if I feel useful, if my knowledge can get out t others, that I can go to bed at night feeling better aobut the world in general. Lory