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Question Leg pain on walking

Hi just wanted to know if anyone has these symptoms on walking and what they use for them, For the past 13 years i have realy bad pain in my legs,it did start with my right leg just after having my daughter,She was 10 weeks early due to my kidney disease,it starts when i stand up just after a couple of minutes (in both legs now)i get like a numbness seem to ,start in my feet then travels up the whole of my legs,then the pain starts and if i try to walk i cann't feel my feet so can fall,i need to sit down which helps i feel like a warm rushing feeling through my legs and the pain goes as if the blood is going through them again.I have been under the nuerologist for 10 years now thinking it was M.S but i have alot more symptoms also,dry eye,mouth,skin,this is due to sjogrens i have,Also have carpol tunnel,hiatus hernia,optic drusen,optic swelling,IBS,S M ANTIBODIES but no liver problems, palpertations,morphea,kidney disease and had 1 removed.memory problems under nueropsycologist,CNS problems,Empty sella syndrome,fatigue,nueralgia in my face thats all can think of at moment,but the worse is the pain in my legs. I have been on IV steroids as doctors thought M.S but since been told it most likely systemic lupus. and alot more medications but nothing helps the pain.Please help if you have had anything simaler and which meds helped you.

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