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Re: Newly diagnoised aspergers

my daughter is almost 20 and her doctor (new one she and her husband just started seeing) is pretty much convinced she and her hubbie are both asperger's - wouldn't be surprised, as "aspies" tend to hang together.

from reading up on it, it would seem that i'm asperger's, too; not sure how i feel about it, but i guess it doesn't really change anything except give me ammunition to tell my family to get off my back about my terrible fashion sense and computer obsession, lol.

anyway, the thing with asperger's is it can be very vague - ie, "fails to maintain eye contact": how long is "normal" eye contact? if your family is of asian origin, maintaining eye contact isn't done anyway - it's rude.

get your son diagnosed, then get a second opinion. if the second one is different, go with the one that will get your son the treatment he needs.