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Re: Agoraphobia/Social Phobia and Masterbation


I masturbated until I was 35. Boy, was I over-sexed. But I did it to punish myself for being the way I was. Personally I regard it as self-abuse, even when I was stuck doing it because, like I said, it only gave me more reason to hurt myself.

In short, I have been terrorized since birth by older sis into having no self-worth, no future, no present. Major depr., heavy social anxiety, agoraphobia, afraid of people, and so on! Now I have great trouble even getting myself out the apartment door. When I do, I suffer the thousand eyes from my social phobia.

Through it all only my Faith kept me from not making 46 years old. I finally turned to my Faith at 35 because the temptation to harm myself by masturbating was bigger than I was. I pleaded with the Intercessor, the Holy Ghost whom we do not insult, to please keep the temptation from me. Then it crossed my mind that God likes people to do things more for themselves, so I pleaded that as long as I did not even try to do it, that the Holy Spirit would keep the temptation off me.
It worked. But I must not even think of doing it. Thank God!

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