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Question Is being cross eyed a disability?

I'm 18 and I've had crossed eyes (strabismus) my whole life. Yesterday a friend told me that I can't get fired from my job because I have a disability. I was like, no I don't! And I had a big argument.

I don't see how its a disability if I can see good without glasses. Both of my eyes have good vision. Its just that because my eyes cross so much my brain ignores the eye that I am not focusing with. If I look to my right, my left eye will cross and if I look to my left, my right eye will cross in. If I focus straight ahead with one eye, the other eye crosses. Basically I use both eyes, just not at once.

Does this make me disabled?? I think people underestimate my vision because of my condition. They look at my eyes and assume I can't see. I might just be because my eyes are severely crossed, which is less common than slightly crossed eyes.

So are crossed eyes a disability?

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