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WOW...Do we have twins?? Abigail does the excact same thing!! She always takes her shirt off and rubs her tummy, we usually find her shirt 1/2 on 1/2!!! I have never really noticed when she does it....maybe I'll try to!! I don't think there is anything to worry about and I am an over protective mother..but we have a pediatrician who specializes in DS cases so we were very lucky he was in the delivery room.we usually just laugh when she does it!! Just like when ever theres ANY music she'll dance!Even in her!! Some people will try to scare you(at least they did to me) and tell you theres something wrong and to run to the doctor but really it's just his personality I think? Alot of people don't know alot about DS but claim to. So learning that I have learned to just rely on my instincts. If he's a happy child....All the more not to worry about! Good luck!