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Originally posted by kel0212:
I hope i'm not bothering you with a very trival question, but i need to know the answer to this question before i can make an important decision in my life.... Is there scientific prove or explainations that says that there are an increase chances of giving birth to childrens with down syndrome when the parents are first cousins or are closely related in blood ties ? i know this may be maybe a stupid question but i have heard from frens that this might be true, and i just want more information and facts on it. Thanks for spending the time reading my email and regards.

First cousins do not have an increased chance in having children with Down syndrome just by virtue of being first cousins. However there are people who have an increased chance of translocations but this usually isn't known until after the first or second baby with DS is born. If you know of a number of Down syndrome births in your parents' families, it would be a good idea to go to a high-risk prenatal department of a university hospital and ask to be tested to see if you are a carrier. This is also true for a number of other conditions. In the case of close relatives...there is the chance that both parents may have inherited genes that together will double the chances that some disease will be passed on to their children. Your questions should be taken to a genetic-counsellor.