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Have you mentioned this to your pediatrician? I know that when this happens in younger children, it is possible they are having seizures, but have never heard of this in anyone in their teens. Perhaps she is just into the "imaginary friends" stage that "normal" kids go through when they are younger?

I have also heard other explanations, but I guess they depend on your beliefs. I have heard that our kids are "just a little closer to God" and their minds are open to untangible things that have no explanation that we are trained to block out. I have a friend whose child has regular conversations with her grandfather who passed away nearly a year ago. They laugh and share stories. She says, "Pop is watching out for me, don't worry." It makes her feel better for her missing him...they were very close.

I know this wasn't much help, but first I think I would bring it up to your doctor, or just accept it as a phase, and wait for it to get better.