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We have had Joey for almost 1 year now. He is 34 and at this very moment in his room talkingto his imaginary friend. When we ask him who is talking to he says no one or God. He also does a very strange thing and I think it is related. He takes his pajama bottoms attached to a pants hanger then attaches a string or chain to that than a regular clothes hanger and swings it up and down. He will do this for alomost an hour at a time. I kind of wonder if it is the motion of a person? Joey was very isolated from the community, we are trying very hard to get him out. Working, activities, etc.

If your daughter is starting to talk to an imaginary friend, I feel you shouldn't ask her to stop. This is there way of being able to talk to someone that will understand them and accept them for who they are no matter what.