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We have not taken her back to the doctor yet.I am trying a nutrition shake called Reliv, to see if it helps her any. They have told me that they feel it replaces vitamins and minerals that she is lacking in from not getting the right amount thru the food she eats. She is a pretty picky eater, and basically eats the same kinds of foods over and over, so she probably is lacking different vitamins ect.... I am hopeing that this will help her. They told me that it will help her in the areas of helping her sinuses and her hair falling out so easily and other things that may be a problem, but they didn't know for sure if it will help with this problem of her talking to herself, daydreaming, moving her body around like she is in a deep conversation with people. I fugured there is no harm in trying to see if it will help. I am also taking it myself to see if it helps my aches and pains, to see if it works or not. My daughter can not communicate, weather she feels a difference or not, I have to just find the signs of sicknesses not showing up as often to see if I think it will work for her or not. I am hopeing it will help her though. If it doesn't then, I will have to take her to the doctor and see if I can put her on a medicine to help. I have had her on medicines in the past, that seemed to make her behaviors all out of wack, so I am doing that only as a last resort.