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Im going to be really blunt and say whats on my mind.

Fact #1- ultrasounds CANNOT predict Down syndrome accuratley AT ALL!!

Fact #2- some people(dumb doctors) say that a baby has "markers" indicating down syndrome.

There are no "real markers" since babies are human and they are NOT all the same.They grow differently as we do.To me this is just as bad as those stupid afp tests.THEY ARE TOTALLY INACCURATE!!Why they do them I have no clue.All it does is make so many women worry for no reason.I've not met a genetics counsellor or doctor yet that will even say that an ultrasound has markers for downs where I live.Why is because they have all told me there are no "real markers "and ultrasounds cannot predict downs at all so they don't want to worry the mother.

So in short she shouldn't worry.My daughter had no "markers" and she has downs.Forgive me if Im harsh.I am just so tired of doctors frightening women for no reason.If shes worried have an amnio.That way she'll know for sure.Good luck.