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Post What are my odds?

Hi everyone. I stumbled across this board with curiousity as one of my boyfriend's sisters has a Down Baby. I have to admit I have really never spent alot of time with anyone with a disability like this nobody in my close family has this and I do not know much about it. His sister has 3 kids and the 3rd one/girl/has Downs. Shes around 2 now and I think her mom was around 34 or maybe 35 when she had her. As far as I know she is the only Downs baby in the whole family and there are alot of kids on my boyfriends side.

We will hopefully marry sometime late next year and I'm 30 so my biological clock is ticking big time. I am very anxious to start a family. I hope to get pregnant sometime next year. My boyfriend has 3 healthy kids from a previous marriage.

What makes me nervous is I'm 30 and never had kids and already Downs concerns me. I honestly don't think I could handle having a disabled child. I know this sounds horrible but if tests came back with a problem such as Downs I would probably terminate even though usually I'm anti-abortion. I feel bad for thinking of this. I know this would be an issue with my boyfriend who is also anti-abortion. With my boyfriends sister, this child is her husbands first and only, and its been very stressful and hard on him and their marriage is having problems. Being a mother is going to be tough and alot of responsibility,multiply that by 2 or 3 with a disabled child.

I guess my question is..if I get pregnant at age 31 what would be the chances of a Down Baby? When do the odds go up? I hope there is still a good chance of me getting off my birth control and getting pregnant next year so I really hope I'm fertile. I've never had any problems gyno wise to make me think otherwise but I guess I should talk to my DR about it next time I see him. Has anyone had their first baby at around my age and where there any problems getting preg? Is Downs really something I should be worrying about?



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