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Re: Thinking about you, Suzy-Q

Suzy Q,

Sounds like you went through the mill and then some. Sorry you are having to endure so much.

Must ask though, as your doc does not use BMP, is he general ortho or neuro surgeon? Certainly cannot imagine a true spine specialist being that far off the more advanced techniques, especially since BMP fusion is much stronger than bone alone. Would you share what his specific arguments against it are? After all, the failure rate with BMP is less than 2 percent and even most of that is when allograft or donor bone is used. Also, as BMP uses in about 5-7 months instead of 12-24 months with bone on bone, there is a lot less time for things to go wrong before a fusion takes place. As I've had both types of fusion, and have seen so many spine specialists before choosing mine, I'm really interested in medical arguments against BMP, and I think it might be useful for others on the board as well.

You may recall that my first fusion of 3 levels was bone to bone. It was successful but also broke when I was in a wreck, even though the hit was only something like 30 MPH or less. It took a full 12 months before it fused. Thank goodness when my car was struck from the rear at 70 MPH in Nov, less than a year after my 10 level fusion with BMP the fusion held up, even though I had severe internal bruising around all the hardware. I was fully fused with that one in just under 6 months.

As for having two separate fusions, I had two separate 3 level fusions prior to the 10 level fusion. It worked and I still had some flexibility at that point, but of course that did not keep me from needing the total fusion but I cannot say that having the individual fusions versus a solid 6 levels played any role in the continued degeneration. As I've said before, I have a number of health factors that had an impact, so cannot pin point the "why" for all the deterioration.

What would concern me is that he wants to go in to see exactly what is going on. As a spine specialist and with the extreme details that can be had from the various tests, he should know exactly what is going on and exactly what is causing your pain and why, before getting in there.

Look forward to learning why your doc is against BMP. Hope you will get relief from the injections.