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Feeling Weird. Really Worried.

I posted this on a forum, earlier today:

Between the end of August and the beginning of February, I worked at just basically working on car parts, doing inspections, and the air quality was pretty sub-par, due to the fact that they used propane-powered fork lifts (indoors) and also cut/melted plastic parts in the back of the warehouse (I worked back there for a bit, before changing jobs.)

I got layed off on February 2nd, and I've started feeling weird since shortly afterwards. What worries me is the fact that it could be an affect from working there, or it could be mono (which I supposedly had at the end of grade 11, two years ago, although it never showed up on a blood test. They said that it sometimes doesn't, and I showed all of the systems, except a painful throat.)

So, to my symptoms:

- I'm always tired, even if I've slept a lot. I'm not incredibly tired all the time, but most of the time, I'd have no problem laying down and taking a nap.

- Dizzy spells: Sometimes when I get tired, I feel weird, or dizzy. I don't feel like I'm completely, "with it." That's led to me not watching a lot of movies, or anything, because I always like to have my full attention towards a film, or something.

- Weird taste in mouth: Whenever I get tired, it seems like a lot of phlegm or something always rises in my throat. I don't cough it up, but it sits there, and I can taste it. My nose also gets congested in a weird way.

- Headaches: Whenever I worked at PIC, I'd occasionally get weird headaches. Those headaches would just come, last for a couple of seconds, and then go. Other people experienced them as well, so I'm not the only one who got them. Those have pretty much gone away, but I also sometimes got weird headaches where I'd get some weird sensation in a spot on my head (I likened it to a "wet spot," for some reason, because that's what the feeling is like.) Those have occurred somewhat since I've been layed off, and have started feeling like this. They're the main thing that scare me.

There are only a few things that I can think of this actually being. Those things include mono, some weird side effect from working at PIC (therefore, I'll sue their asses), or a low iron or vitamin count.

Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be?

(I'm going to try to get it checked out tonight. My Mom made me an appointment with our family doctor, but he's got 2500 patients, and it takes over a month to get in to see him. So, my appointment isn't until April 21. I don't want to wait that long.)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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