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Angry Female facial & body hair...

Over the past few years (I just turned 26), I've been getting pretty severe facial hair. I have to pluck over 250 black hairs from my chin alone every 3 days. From pluck to 3 days later, they grow about 2-3 mm above the skin, plus another 4-5mm below the skin at least.

It seems like it grows so much faster than the hair anywhere else on my body! I know the amount because I was curious since it seems so many! These are very dark thick hairs and very noticeable. They grow so quickly that 3 days is even pushing it. Sometimes I use nair but it isn't as good as plucking.

I also have upper lip hair which I have to nair. I can't pluck it because the hairs are so fine and there are too many. These hairs are about 3mm long and also fairly dark but not as coarse as the chin hairs.

It started when I was in late teans or early twenties with only a few hairs. Now it's just so many and it seems like I notice more every month.

I also have extremely long, dark and fast-growing arm hair. It's about 1cm long or about 1/3 inch long. I have paler skin and black hair, and this is extremely devastating to my self-esteem.

What can I do? I have heard about electrolysis but I heard it wasn't really permanent. Nair and waxing burns my skin more than helps. This is a socially-crushing issue, and I feel like my plucking and nair-ing just isn't able to keep up.

This was actually a very embarrassing post to write, every time I think about it I just feel so horrible about the way I look. this has made my life very difficult, so any help is truly appreciated.

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