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Re: Did you ever try Abilify?

Hi My 14 yo daughter was started on Abilify around 2 weeks ago. She is only about 100 lbs and started on 2.5mg and is on 5mg at present. I was told it would act not only as a mood stabilizer but anti manic as well. The only true side effect we are experiencing right now is it's sedative effect and we are still trying to adjust her meds.....seems that the psychiatrist is now trying to increase the Celexa which should decrease the sedative effect & hopes to get her off of the Abilify altogether feeling it will not be needed (we are still in the diagnositic phases and he is leaning towards depression at this point in time.)

So, I would think that the Abilify will most definitely help you in the sense of stabilizing your mood and keeping your hypomania somewhat in control. If it doesn't at 5mg you may need to up it a little bit more.

I hope it helps.....getting the meds to make you feel better is a tricky thing from what I am seeing and will take some time as I am finding with my daughter. Good luck with it all ~ Goody