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Re: Am I Overly Concerned? Please Help

Hello everyone! I'm checking back in to tell you that my daughter took her baby to the pediatrician to be checked for DS after I had urged her to pay attention to her tongue thrusting. The doctor looked the baby over from head to toe, had another pediatrician come in and look as well, and then said the baby did not have any form of DS. Of course we are overjoyed and relieved, but I'm still not feeling secure about the outcome because they didn't do any bloodwork, etc. Is it possible to rule out DS just by looking at the baby? My daughter said they looked at the baby's feet for a larger than normal space between her big toe and second toe; looked at her palms for a line of some sort; looked at her ears; looked at her eye shape and bridge of her nose. They did agree that she is thrusting her tongue and couldn't give an explanation for that other than "perhaps she's just exploring with her tongue". I think that's silly...every picture that I have of her from the day she was born until today shows her with her tongue outside of her mouth!! Oh well, I'll accept the news and be happy. Would any of you have kept pressing for further testing to include a blood test? Thanks so much for all of the support and information that I've received from this board and all its members! You guys are true angels! KathyMac