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Re: Does DH help much?

Ah... gayle... I hear ya and I feel yer pain. My hubby isn't quite as bad but he has really bad moments. And I have to get after him. on the days when you are finally baby free (when you are doing shopping etc.) and you MAKE him take DD - doesn't he realize then what hard work it is for you?

that is what happened to a friend of mine - she MADE her hubby watch their DD for a day - 1 day! and he said to her - HOLY CRAP this is SO freaken hard - what work!! No kidding right.?? My hubby wants another kid too - and I am like - OK we need to discuss it in 6 months... I honestly don't want another one. maybe its my age I am 36 now - and I value my sleep - LMAO!

OK - you need to stage the photos for YOU too - damn it . I know it will be more "work" ... .but you MUST gayle - for your little girl and for you. Make hubby take them !! Promise you will ! Have another talk with him - and vent here any time you want! I will do the same!