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Re: Please Help!!!! Do I Have Oral/Throat Cancer

Hi Greg,

I am so glad that you posted something!! I have tried to get someone to respond to me on so many message boards and never received an answer anywhere. Thank you very much for your caring!!

I hope you read this response.

Yes, I am a smoker, (very hard to say). I have been smoking since I was 16, but did quit for 7 years. I am 39 years old. I rarely drink.

I have been doing so much researching on the internet and most all of it is very bad. I read that lymphadenitis that happens in adults can be something serious, as opposed to children and teenagers.

One more thing I wanted to mention, if I already didn't in my previous post (cannot remember) brain fog, it's late. This lymph node is invisible, I cannot even feel it (I know that it it the submandibular node). It is not swollen, nor does it hurt. Never would have known it was there except for the PET Scan.

I think the Oncologist might have just turned me over to the Dentist to take care of the situation. I seen how he handled my mother with her Ovarian Cancer. Please excuse me when I explain this, but when he told my mother that she had Ovarian Cancer (late stages), he gave her very high hopes of cure, that put a sour taste in my mouth right off the bat, because I was already familiar with Ovarian Cancer and I knew what the outcome would be in the end.

I read that lymphadenitis from the submandibular node can come from dental issues (including oral cancer) due to my age.

One more thing that you mentioned about the lymph node getting bigger if it had it in it. I know that the lymph node is imflammed/infected because the PET Scan reported it, so I know there is no cancer in the node itself. But the fact that where the node (lymphadenitis) is means that it could possibly oral cancer.

Could I have this from my recurrent infections and sickness since last October?

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help!!


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