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Re: Please Help!!!! Do I Have Oral/Throat Cancer

Hi there,
I have loads of probs with lymph nodes, lymphedenitis, and I have discovered after wisdom tooth removal and other dental problems that actually never existed, that the swollen glands and pain are all coming from viral problems and I have developed osteomyelitis in one wisdom tooth site from all of the bacteria it was floating in. I had parotitis and now HHV6. Don't jump to conclusions about cancer. Relax...stressing will only make it all worse. Try an ENT as well and get tested for viral things. Make sure you haven't got some bug or whatever before somebody starts digging around in your will only cause more problems like osteomyelitis. If your teeth don't hurt directly (pain from below and not from top of tooth), then it I would say that it is not dental but a gland problem of viral or bacterial origin.
Hope that helps.
Take care,
Let us know how you got on...