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Re: Please Help!!!! Do I Have Oral/Throat Cancer

Hi Traumitized: (hope I spelled that right)

I did make it to the Dentist today. He and the hygentist looked at my mouth for so long, checking everything, even took some special x-rays. They found absolutely nothing!!! I wish they would have taken a sample of my gums and tested it.

They did tell me to go to my regular MD and get a referral to an ENT.

Which band of lymph nodes was your lymphedenitis located in?

I just do not understand why I keep getting these infections with high WBCs sometimes. Once in the 19 thousands.

I try to relax, but I have Panic Disorder and this whole going to the Oncologist/Cancer thing brought my panic back after it was in remission for 3 1/2 years!! My meds have been upped quite a bit, panic and anxiety gone, but I still worry.

Monday, I went to see an Infectious Disease Specialist and all he would test me for was Cat Scratch, Histoplasmosis and EBV!! Made me so upset, tried to explain to him that there were other things I wanted to be tested for. He had the nerve to say to me that if we find something, he believed that there would be an underlying problem like an immune disorder because of my previous health history.

Is this how you found your parotitis and HVV6? (through an Infectious Disease Specialist)?

This last 5 months has been killing me emotionally and I am down to 86 lbs. I am 5' 3 1/2 inches tall.

Thank you for responding to me and helping!!
I hope you see this response and get a chance to respond back and I hope you are feeling well!!!