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Re: Could TMJ cause this?

If you had teeth removed for ortho, you can definitely have tmj later on in life. Clicking is difinitely a sign that your joints are not where they should be. Even a 1 mm off on one side can result in just a slight click. So spacing is really important. Get a tomogram. That should confirm if you have enough spacing.
You grind at night. That's another sign that you have tmj. This usually means that your muscles are not relaxed at night when you're sleeping.
My sister also grinds at night. She does not have any symptoms of tmj. But i know she has tmj because when she opens her mouth, the joints go over a bone. This means that she lack "vertical dimension" on both sides. Not enough spacing on top but enough spacing at the back for her to not experience headaches.
So go get a tomogram to confirm you have enough spacing on top and back. Hope this helps.