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Re: Is this how most Drs. feel post-LEEP?

Thanks for replying tpagm! I actually ended up calling my BIL who is also an OB/GYN just to get his take on this & I talked to him tonight.

He basically agreed with you & said that he cannot fathom the idea of having sex in only one week! He is appalled that my dr. would tell me that & told me to wait at the very least 4 weeks. He said he normally tells his patients to wait 6 weeks to ensure maximum healing.

Regarding a hysterectomy, he said that was not needed either since it was not invasive cancer. He also said he would have preferred a cone biopsy in one piece vs. several.

Then he asked me if they would bring me in to check on how well I am healing & I said no. That was another thing that made him scratch his head.

So, after talking it through with someone who also has MY best interests at heart, I think I will look into finding another Dr. Thanks for taking time to respond! Take care.