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Re: How do you forget about almost dying?

Originally Posted by ginamackey
I'm on my 12 day post-op, and since yesterday, I feel like I'm choking on something. Could it be blood? How soon after your procedure did you have the bleeding?
I started bleeding the morning after the original surgery but didn't know it until day 3. I choked on a pain pill the day and then the doc gave me liqued pain medicine. Then I woke up coughing all the time. It felt as if I had some phlem in my throat. On day 3, the doc told me to take liquid tylenol and on the first dose, I choked on it and that's when the real bleeding started. If your neck hurts (I read your post on "so many post op problems"), you can't get warm or you just don't feel right, please either call or go to your doctor or the hospital. The emergency ENT surgeon said I had 2 veins that were seeping all weekend! When I did start bleeding (day 3), it was like a faucet was turned on. I don't want to scare you however if I had known more, it might have been easier for me. If that happens, it's real important not to panic. It makes it worse. It is real scary. Have someone call your doctor and then take you to the hospital as fast as possible. My doc said that the risk of bleeding is at days 3, 6, 7, 8, and 14. He told me at day 15 that I wasn't out of the woods for bleeding until a week later! I will pray for you. I don't think anyone should go through this. I hope you feel well soon.
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