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Re: Herbs or other supplements that have helped you with Chronic Fatigue?


I wouldn't start any supplements, herbal or not, before speaking to a doctor. Have you been diagnosed with CFS?? Have you had complete blood workups, including thyroid? You need to find a doctor (I know how hard it is) who is knowlegable about CFS. Conventional doctors will not prescribe supplements and herbs for you, because they just don't do that kind of thing. I am going to a place called the Fibro and Fatigue Center. They have a webpage you can check out, and centers all over the US. They are specially trained in dealing with fibromyalgia and CFS and all that goes along with those two things. I get about 10 supplements from them. They do have an online store where you can buy supplements (I don't know if you have to be a patient or not..) but I recommend that you speak to one of their doctors first. Or, try and locate an alternative medicine doctor in your area.