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Problem with eustachian tubes?

I hope that someone might read this and be able to offer me some encouragement because I am at the end of my rope with these problems with my ears. Last year I caught a cold while on vacation and had to fly home with a cold. My ears never equalized, even a few months after the trip. Every time I swallow or try to pop them, all I hear is a clicking sound, as well as a constant ringing.
Finally got in to see a specialist. It was a frustrating appt. as he told me that it sounded like hydrops and to try some nose spray and watch how much sodium I ate. Eight months later the problem had still not gotten any better. Due to insurance purposes I couldn't go see anyone else. So I went back to the same dr. This time he said he still thought it might be hydrops but it could also be that my eustachian tubes were blocked. He sent me for this test called an ABR to see if it was hydrops. I went back for my followup today and he says he doesn't think that's what it is the problem. So today he did a myringotomy (where he cut a hole in the tube to see if that would equalize things). I have not yet noticed any difference and am beginning to doubt that this is going to solve the problem. He told me that I should call back in a week and we'll go from there, depending on what happened with this. I was so optimistic that this was the answer I was looking for but I'm beginning to have doubts. Is it possible that there is a lot of fluid in there and that he didn't suction out and that's why it doesn't feel better?
Does this make sense to anyone out there or am I just crazy?
any help would be really appreciated!

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