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Re: Problem with eustachian tubes?

I can relate to your clicking and ringing. I also get thumping and a feeling of wetness in my ear. I had chronic ear infections as a kid and do have some hearing loss in one of my ears. At one time it got to the point it felt like I had a lump in my throat. I finally went to my Dr. and he found a swollen mandibular lymph node. He sent me to an ear nose and throat Dr. who immediatly ordered a cat scan (because of the lymph node) Said it came back with in the hi normal range. He put me on expensive antibiotics and that took care of the LN. After all that I still had the ear problem using an endoscope he inserted down my nose and throat to look for abnormalities and found none. He put me on a steroid nasal spray. It was like magic the ear cleared up and the throat feeling disappeared, for about 6 months then it all came back. I went back to my regular my Dr and got back on the nasal spray but it didn't seem to work this time as well. I lived with it for about 2 years then I got a bad cold. I went to regular Dr. and I told him about my ear popping and cracking plus now loud noise and wind made it hurt. He said I have Eustachian tube disfunction. He put me back on the nasal spray which has helped again. We have determined that it is allergy related to seasonal changes aand my cats. Hope this gives you some ideas.