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Paging Kimber Lee (Bontril)


My name is Beth Ann, and I've read a few of your posts concerning Bontril. I'm thinking about getting on it, and was wondering if you still take it. I haven't been diagnosed as Bi-polar, and am not sure if I am. I'm nervous about talking to anyone about it. I act on the outside like I've got it all together, but on the inside I know I don't. I feel like crap 90% of the time, and I don't know why. (For one thing, I work night shift, and I blame a lot of it on that.) But, I have a problem with being hungry all the time. I've tried phentermine, which worked wonders, but it gave me terrible headaches and my blood pressure got up too high. I cannot fight my cravings, and don't understand what is going on with me. Do you have any insight? thanks in advance. Also, (and I'll probably get flamed for this)....did you get Bontril from a doctor? I was thinking about getting it off the internet. (sorry everybody. just being honest.)

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