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Got sum sort of a diagnosis

Hi all,

Hoping all is well w/ everyone.

Went to a 2nd endo today. Just wanted another oppinion. He says I have Hashimotos thyroiditis. Says its like being allergic to your own thyroid. Told me that hopefully, my thyroid will burn itself out so i can then be permanently hypo (because I'm having such HYPER syptoms).

Explained to me that because i have TPO ab & TG ab, they are playing tug of war so i can expect to be hyper at times then hypo. (not sure if this was the hypo part but I actually slept the past 2 nights.) perhaps it is. What do you think?

He did take a test for Lupus, only because ive been having joint pains but told me this is very common in patients with thyroid disease, I think he did it to satisfy me more than anything.

He said for me to keep check of my pulse (1st thing in the morning, before even rising) just to be sure weather I'll need beta blockers.

As of now he doesnt want to give any thyroid drugs because of the fact that all other labs are normal and does not want to interfere w/ the thyroid failure because it can cause me to become more hypo.

This is the 3rd oppinion that is the same. He said he will recheck the blood in 3 months.

What do you all think?


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