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Re: Problem with eustachian tubes?

Please let me know how your appt. goes. I'd be curious to find out what the new dr. says.
Hydrops is a condition that results in ncreased hydraulic pressure within the inner ear's endolymphatic system. This pressure accumulation causes the following tetrad of symptoms: fluctuating hearing loss (sometimes good or bad); episodic vertigo ; tinnitus or ringing in the ears (usually low-tone roaring); and aural fullness (pressure, discomfort, fullness sensation in the ears).
I had this test called an Auditory Brainstem Response, which can determine whether it's hydrops or not. The dr. said that the results did not indicate that, but that it doesn't always rule it out either.
As for the myringotomy, he did it in the office. It wasn't really that painful. First he put in some drops to numb it, I sat there about 10 minutes, then he came back and made the little hole (couldn't feel anything), then it was over. I was really disappointed though because I figured that once he cut the hole I would be able to tell immedidately if my ear (he just tried it just the right one) had equalized. He told me I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference till the next day (that being today).
I can't tell any difference today, except that now it actually feels fuller, throbs off and on the ringing is getting worse. He told me to call back in a week and we'll go from there, but I'm not going to wait that long. I'll keep you posted.