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Re: Got sum sort of a diagnosis

I guess its good but still confusing.

He didn't outwardly come out & say "you have". I had to say, I'm a bit confused, "when my family asks what do I have, what shall I say".....and thats when he said thyroiditis.......I said oh, but is it Graves disease? He said, its basically Hashis thyroiditis.

He was really trying his hardest to help me understand but my mind seems so hooked on HYPER, Hyper, hyper, that anything hypo just seems odd. (I'm sure some of you will relate to that.)
This is why he explained the tug of war....going back n forth.

I did ask if he can just take it out cause i dont want to deal w/ this and he very quickly said no. Said that can cause even worse problems (Even becoming MORE hyper) which surprised me.

Ahh, I forgot, Kim to ask about the TSI Ab......shoot!
Now I'm not sure which endo to stick with. The 1st one was really good too. Thats the thing about 2nd oppinions...ya know?


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