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Re: Am I Overly Concerned? Please Help

when my daughter was born I requested to have the genetic test done because I wanted to make sure she was fine, she was born very healthy and with no obvious markers. (while pregnant I was told that there was a chance for DS and my husband and I declined the amnio) the attending pediatrician told me that I was being paranoid and that I was blessed with a perfectly healthy child- he then call me three weeks later and told me OVER the phone that she tested positive for DS. If I had followed that doctors advice it probably would have taken me longer to find out my daugther's condition, probably when she did not reach a milestone. She sat and crawled on time but she did not walk until she was 2 years old, she is a very healthy and happy toddler who loves to get in trouble all the time. Not all pediatricians are trained or exposed to Down syndrome, you need to find a pediatrician with experience and who is also willing to listen to your concerns, a blood test can make you and your daugther feel better. Good luck