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Re: Advice Please

You probably know more about it then I do, but I am 21 I have moderate and severe dysplasia and had cryo done in August. I am now having LEEP done next week. My doctor told me he doesn't at all treat Mild dysplasia he just re-paps every 4 months, most of the time the body heals itself of mild dysplasia occasionally if it doesn't get better or correct itself he will treat it but most of the time it isn't necessary. I think before I let him treat you with LEEP again for Mild dysplasia I would get a second opinion, if you plan on having children. My doctor told me that doing LEEP more than once can cause pre-mature births later. I am also told they can stitch you so this doesn't happen but if you don't need it then why take the chance? Just thought. I am not at all second guessing your doctor...I am just a patient dealing with the same issues as you but if I were you I would think about talking to someone else if he decides he wants you to have LEEP done again for MILD dysplasia. Good Luck!!