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Re: Early fetal movement: whats normal?

It is completely normal to feel fetal movement early on with your second. I felt my beanie around 12 or 13 wks for the first time but then I would notice several days go by before I would feel him again! I knew not to be too worried though because I went through the same thing with ds. I was about 20 wks and hadn't felt a think all day. I was freaking out and ended up leaving work and going to the Doctors. He checked the baby with the doppler and everything was fine! He was moving all over the place but I just didn't feel it!
My Doc said you will feel the really active phases and large kicks if there are any at all but that baby is constantly moving and you can't feel those until the baby is much larger. This was true for both my pregnancies.
If you are really concerned, like I was, maybe consider renting a doppler so you can listen in on baby whenever you want! In the meantime, don't hesitate to call your Doctor! That's what they are there for!