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Yeah, try the cryotherapy! That's what my Dr. was going to do if I had CINI. As for fertility with LEEPs, I have read that having LEEPs can affect fertility. I'll try to remember where I read it, but something along the lines of it affecting mucous/sperm motility, making it harder for sperm to move through (due to scar tissue)? Anyway, I'll try to look into it again to get the right details. As for HPV, you are right. It can pop up here & there, but like lovethoscurls said, condoms really don't protect against HPV. If you have been in the same relationship for a while, you probably aren't contracting different strains of HPV, but for those who have multiple partners, it is quite possible to get more than one strain. Anyway, I think my dr. said about 75-85% of the population has at one point been infected with HPV at one point or another, but only a few ever get problems. That would be us!