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Re: Still trouble with throat.....anyone else??

Hello Harvey:
I have had ACDF on C4/5/6/7, and also have some trouble with swallowing. I would describe it mostly as a feeling of 'tightness', have episodes where I can't swallow for awhile, sometimes feel like food or a pill isn't going to go down, and also have spasms around my throat (fortunately not terribly often) where I can't do anything until things settle down.

The first couple of weeks post-op (each time, I've had two surgeries) were the worst, and then improves, but there are some residual symptoms . It's been 1 & 2 years, and the residual problem feels like it is slowly getting worse, but so far I can live with it, and hope it stops getting worse.

When I look at my x-ray from the side, I can see where the plate (and maybe some scar tissue) press on the back of my throat. When I talk to the surgeon, he tells me that my sensations are 'not unusual, but people get used to it', and also said that in a small number of cases he's had to do surgery to remove the plate after the bones have fused, but there's some risk with that because it might contribute to the amount of scar tissue, and there's some risk of damaging nerves with each operation.

Don't know if this is similar to your condition or not, it will be interesting to see what other posts you get.