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Re: Still trouble with throat.....anyone else??

Thanks Bob and Funny4mony,
Yes Bob,
That's exactly what I feel! Somedays it's ( almost ) normal with other days where I can hardly swallow at all. Thank you for your reply and I hope I hear more. My general GP has been wonderful and giving me everything he can think of but still... same problem. Seems like when I eat salty foods it's worse.... but other than that, I can't tell you what makes it worse.

I wished my surgeon told me. The ONLY thing he said about swallowing, some people tell me they find it alittle hard to swallow for a week or two but you'll be fine after that. He sent me to two ENT's. One balloned my throat twice but said he really didn't see anything causing the problem and the other after 2 minutes in the room, looked at my throat and said your just dry.... drink a quart of water a day and you'll be fine.( neither helped) I ask my surgeon why I was having this problem, he said he had to manipulate my throat a bunch to get to my spine but he didn't "see that part" so he doesn't know about that. Then, after two months post-op he released me as 100% and said I was fine.. but if I found anything he could "fix", just schedule another appointment and he'll be happy to take care of it. lol.... ( I wasn't even swallowing solid foods till in the third month, not to mention the pain issue's)

I've never heard of the word "dysphagia" but I'm SO happy to have something I can read and learn about. THANK YOU!!!! At times, this makes you think about giving up.... the battle seems to have no end.... I hope this will help.