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Re: Still trouble with throat.....anyone else??

Dont ever give up! My experience, like yours, has been that there are residual symptoms, and that we have to learn to deal with them. I eat less food, in smaller amounts, but eat more oftern during the day. When I have a 'spell' where it's hard to swallow, I back off, relax, try not to get stressed out, so far it's always gotten better later on. Just examples - but you're not alone in this!

The bottom line is there is now something taking up space in back of your throat that didn't use to be there, so of course there are differences. A lot of people seem to be lucky and not experience this, but some of us do have to deal with it.

My wife works as a Speech Pathologist, and sometime works with people who have difficulty swallowing (not usually ACDF people like we are). There are tests that can be done to learn more about your problem, I can ask her for more details of what they're called if you want. I think you said you've seen an ENT, they would know of these as well. There may be things going on (like nerves & muscles not working exactly the way they used to) that aren't visible in an exam, but are problems never the less. One of the swallowing studies takes images while you are swallowing something to see how everything is working together (or not). Let me know if you want me to dig out some details on these tests that you could take to your ENT to talk about.

Good luck- learn to enjoy the good days, and don't stress out on the bad ones!