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Angry Need Advice for dealing with doctors

Hi! I'm new to Healthboards and have gained a lot of useful information by reading the threads. It saddens me to know there are so many of us in pain. I have been dealing with severe back pain for 4 years now. I have DDD L4, L5, S1 with fractures in the vertebra between L4 & L5, bulging discs, arthritis (naturally), narrowing of the spinal column and lumbar scoliosis along with tears, fissures and a whole bunch of other stuff. Last year, my Dr. said I needed surgery but felt I was a good candidate for disk replacement and referred me to an orthopedic institute that didn't take my insurance. He then told me to go though my insurance to locate another and let him know who they were. After going to 3 different doctors whose staff said it was their specialty only to find out later they don't even do the surgery. I finally ended up at Mayo and they don't do it either. They sent me back through PT, injections and so forth, finally put me on meds and completed the diskogram and CT scan that shows I am far worse than I was a year ago. i.e. the fractures which now likely wouldn't support the artificial disk. After running their tests, they too said I needed surgery. When I met with the Neurosurgeon, he said he would refer me to radiology for IDET for L4, but that it likely wouldn't work and to let him know. I asked him about 15 questions and he didn't answer any of them. NONE! I was so upset when I left I started smoking again. (Really bad for a back problem) This guy is supposed to be the head of Neuro. I immediately called my referring doctor and told him and luckily he was just as mad as I was. This doctor didn't know a thing about my condition, didn't read my file and took zero time to even consider the previous doctors instructions. I really want to turn him in but don't know how to do that. My doctor called me that Sunday and said he had another doctor at Mayo he wanted to send me to. This one is younger and very well versed in Minimally Invasive Techniques. He said I need fusion and would I see this other doctor. I agreed after he encouraged it and then find out my appointment wasn't for another 3 months. THREE MONTHS. I just felt like I was given a huge blow. I was able to get the appointment moved up a month and it is in 2 weeks. I have such high anxiety I can't stand it. I am in so much pain every day I can't even be normal with my kids. Does anyone have any advice on how I can get through to this doc if he is a quack like the last one? I am so scared I will have wasted yet more time with Mayo and more time I could really be healing instead of searching endlessly for some sort of normalicy to return to my life.


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