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symtoms on one side of throat

A little over two weeks ago, one side of my throat in the back would start itching, especially at night. I would actually have to reach back and scratch it sometimes. It has continued, being more or less noticeable depending upon the time of day and what I am doing. I have a little soreness that has just begun in one place on one side of my neck (same side). I also feel a kind of irritation recently in the nasal membranes at the back on the same side. I saw my doctor today and he is referring me to an ent - but I won't be able to get in for three weeks. I smoked for many years, but quit three years ago. I use a cpap machine, and live in Arizona, which is very dry. Any thoughts? I am, of course, worried about throat cancer, and also worried that waiting three weeks to see an ent may be a bad idea.

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