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Re: Describe your headache

Originally Posted by Mr. Jeff
I suffered for years with excruciating headaches that always started at the back of my head. Several questions for you do you get nauseated? Are they pounding? If so they may be migraines, might want to talk to the Dr. As of now if you think they are tension headaches, I really recommend over the counter Excedrin for Tension Headaches. It contains tylenol and some caffine(opens the blood vessels) The difference between Tension Excedrin and Regular or Migrane Excedrine is that they have asprin along with the other 2 ingred. I mentioned. I cannot tolerate asprin so that is why I suggest the one without. Its a safe over the counter medication that finally helped with those headaches. Good Luck MrJeff
Yeah, mine do start at the back of the head...but I'm pretty sure they aren't migraines...just good ole Stress headaches. As far as medicine goes I usually just tough it out, but if they get really bad I just take good ole Ibproufin (sp.).

It is comforting to know though that these stress headaches I have been having are virtually identical to everyone elses