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Re: Am I Overly Concerned? Please Help

The same happened here. When I was preg. our test came back as possible downs. We chose not to test. When my son was born we had the testing before we left the hospital. His doctor told us that he very serious doughted that he had ds. When my son was 12 days old we went in for his checkup and our ped. told us he was positive for ds. Our sons ped. almost fell on the floor.

My son had no crease in hand, pinkey finger was fine, no misshapped nipples, No tounge hanging out, no low mussle tone. The only thing he has is the space between his 1st and second toe but his dad has the same thing.

My son has no delays in milestones. He is 5 months and rolls over, sets up with little assistance, holds is bottle, eating ceceral now, He is 50% on growth and hight chart( regular chart) 95% on down's chart. If it had not have been for the odd blood test while I was preg. who know's when or if we would of have found out.

Just to add a little hope. My friend Barbara from North Carolina has a daughter whom is now 25 years old. Jade was born with downs. Jade graduated from school with regular class with a c avarage. He got her drivers lic. at 17 Joined the army at 18 and got married at 21, now he attends college and has a c average. Barbara told me that she never let Jade use he handicap as an excuse.

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