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Well, we are still unsure of the cause of my deficiency... At first he thought it was IBD - most likely Crohn's - but that is not confirmed. At any rate, he thinks its a malabsorption issue, and tells me I will be getting the shots for the rest of my life basically.

I felt the same way (scared/sick/alone) for a long time, as no one really understood why I was like I was, and from the outside I look perfectly healthy! I spent a long time, and have been to alot of doctors and was beginning to think I was crazy! lol But I have found so much support in these boards and kind people such as yourself that I no longer feel that way. Still get frustrated on times, hence all my darn posts lol... but at least I am progressing now And beginning to tie things together. I've been all over these boards lol, but usually can be found on the digestive disorders.

Again, thank you for all the help