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Re: Does this sound like Celiac Disease?


One way to find out if you are sensitive to gluten is to go on a gluten-free diet for a month. This involves no needles. If your symptoms start to get better, then you know that was the cause. There are also other foods that may be causing your symptoms. An elimination diet can help figure them out. A dietitian or allergy doctor can help here.

Isn't it interesting that when we become freaked out because we don't know what's causing our ill health, doctors assume that we're "anxious" (it's all in our heads) and prescribe medicines to calm our nerves, but don't assume that there MAY be some reason why we're anxious.

I developed acid indigestion in my forties, which got so painful that I couldn't sleep. Once I found out about celiac disease (I called it my "cool disease I found on the internet") I learned all I could about eliminating gluten from my diet, and found that this diet helped considerably. It took about six months for the symptoms to go away entirely, and it has taken a few years before I'm not so reactive to small amounts of gluten when I eat at friend's houses. But for the most part, I'm able to live gluten-free and my whole health is much better.

Good luck on sorting out what's bothering you.