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Re: Advice Please

I have never had an abnormal pap.....I tested negative for HPV, yet I had my 3rd colpo/biopsy last week for abnormal cells on the cervix. I'm waiting for the results. During an exam 18 months ago my primary care doctor said my cervix looked like it was growing a nodule on it and sent me to a gyn. The gyn determined it was not a nodule, but that my cervix was changing shape and needed to be biopsied. That biopsy showed abnormal cells. I had it checked again 6 months later....still showed a normal pap, the HPV test was negative, but the abnormal cells were still there. I'm told until 2 biopsies in a row show the cells have cleared, I'll need to be biopsied every six months.
So far, no one has mentioned any type of procedure to get rid of the cells.

I can honestly say out of 9 biopsies, I only felt a pinch once, and it was over before I realized I felt it! Compared to the stress I put on myself worrying before every appointment, the biopsy is a piece of cake!
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