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I'm back again! Finally got more bloodwork. Something is going on in the thyroid. My TSH tests are normal- but thyroid antibodies (thyroglobulin, and thyroperoxidase), are both showing positive. Still have a speckled ANA. Lupus test(DNA)negative, and MCTD(RNP)negative. Still doesn't explain my face rash and swelling joints. Pain is getting much more intense and longer periods. Am going to an endocronologist(sorry about the spelling), after Easter. Can anyone relate? My nurse practioner is terrific. I researched Hashimoto's and requested the bloodwork- they are all amazed because they never heard of it!!!!! Seems to be a possible diagnosis-- if anyone can relate i'd love to hear from you. I still am not convinced it is the only thing going on- thanks all- Ritz

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