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Pohaku... at 55 taking 25 mg a day of DHEA is safe. You could go up to 50 mg a day if you wanted....In the mid 1990's Dhea and Growth Hormones were tha rage back then and there is some truth to their anti aging benefits. But of everything on earth that has been tested for anti aging only one thing has shown to work in laboratory's and that thing is........Calorie Restriction...Now none of us want to live that way so if people would just drop their calories to a lower level without starving or feeling weak and eat certain foods (blueberry's etc) your DNA would start to slowly kick in the anti aging Genes we all have. Add to that Antioxidants (resveratrol) and a Zest for life (centenarian studies) and i think that should make a difference .. Thats my knowledge on this.....
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